[Remus/Sirius] I'd Take the Moon For


Legally it's questionable. Morally, disgusting. Personally I like it.

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Let the waiting begin.....
[Remus/Sirius] I'd Take the Moon For
I just finished watching season 1 of merlin (made my mum go rent it for me so I didn't waste use all our download- she is made of win) with one of my best mates and my partner in slash appreciation, and I'm finding it hard to undersatnd how people can not see the EPIC slashness of Arthur/Merlin. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to ship it or approve, but you have to be blind not to see how easily it could be. There were literally moments where I momentarily forgot that it wasn't cannon. mmmm I blame said friend for this, I used to just watch things and enjoy them, but now, sometimes I enjoy something less if there is nothing to ship at least for the lulz. I actualy want to go Sherlock Holmes mainly because of how shippy it looked in the trailer I saw. Sad? some (one) of my friends seems to think so. Does anyone else do that? watch something just for the shippage?

Anywho, now I eagerly await season 2 (I live in Australia, we may be 10 hours ahead of England, but we don't get anything till 10 months later) although I have been more then a little frightened of the horror tales that are told of season 2, but it's Merlin, so I will deal :)

in celabration of finshing season 1, I'm going to make another batch of icons and post them up soon and I've started making my own Merlin moods, which i will also post when they're done!

Haha also on a side note, I got my christmas present in the mail yesterday - it was the soundtracks to the first three Harry Potters. I've been listening to them almost non-stop :) they make me feel like and 11 year old again.

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Hahaha, I think I know what friend you're talking about.

I think sometimes a lot of people will get into a series/fandom for the ship (ususally slash) but stay because they genuinely enjoy other aspects. I know I got into a lot of series because of shipping, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

I don't know about watching something JUST for the ship/slash though. I think you'll always manage to find something else you like about it. Like with Merlin, yeah there's the slash, but there's other stuff, too, that you can like about it. Remember that DAWWW scene between Arthur and Uther?

LOL I SAY "I THINK" TOO MUCH. Articulation!fail.

i know what you mean - there are lots of reasons merlin is made of win :) i mean there are other pairings like uther/gaius, and the genreal lulz and the the amazing plots and graphics *coughs* yeah...great show....

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