[Remus/Sirius] I'd Take the Moon For


Legally it's questionable. Morally, disgusting. Personally I like it.

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x30 Best Pick-Up Lines Ever!
[Remus/Sirius] I'd Take the Moon For
This was a lot of fun, because these pick-up lines are so bad and I couldn't help but laugh! I may make more if people like these - in fact, if you know some "good" pick-up lines, suggest them in the comments and when I have enough new ones, I'll make another batch.

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01.1 02.2 03.3


01.1 02.2 03.3 04.4 05.5

06.6 07.7 08.8 09.9 10.10

11.11 12.12 13.13 14.14 15.15

16.16 17.17 18.18 19.19 20.20

21.21 22.22 23.23 24.24 25.25

26.26 27.27 28.28 29.29 30.30

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Thank you so much for posting these! I just spent the last five or ten minutes reading them off to my husband in various voices (some of which may have almost been considered seductive) and having a complete blast.

I confess, I took all of them. I haven't decided which one I want to use yet (probably the one that got the biggest groan), but when I do I will credit. :)

Oh - and great job with the design on these, too. The coloring and the font and layout are fantastic.

Would you mind letting me know what made the cut for #10 and #15? Numbers 9 & 14 got double posted. :)

Thanks! I'm so glad I entertained you and your husband!!! Most of them made me groan too, but laugh as well :)

the hardest part was getting the layout and colouring right, so that means a lot to me <3 and thanks for pointing out the double posts, I've fixed it now.

Also I adore your icon! It entertains me muchly!

Taking #1. I have a weird obsession with chloroform. Thanks!

Thanks, the 1st my favourite, it was actually what gave me the idea.

These are very funny! :D

Very funny, but there seem to be typoes on 18 & 19, though that may just be font style...


might be the font - what are the typos so i can fix them?

raisins looks like rasins for 18, and an other should be another in 19. They're all very minor things.

Hi, I saw your icons at iconimate community. Just wanted to let you know I saved a bunch of these & will credit. Thank you

(Deleted comment)
haha yeah that one made me laugh too :D glad you like!

9 and 24 make me very happy. I think they might actually work on me, lol.

So funny! A couple were actually cute especially the "Do you have a bandaid cuz i just fell for you". That one would probably actually work on me lol.

haha a few would work on me too probably :) like that one - it is very cute! 9 is also adorable! glad you like them <3

I took like half them. So damn funny. Love number one.

*happy dance* number one is my fav!! glad you liked them :D

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